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Simulation Study of Multi-Path Routing Algorithm in Different Situations


ER. Yashpaul Singh, M.K. Soni, A. Swarup


Vol. 7  No. 11  pp. 295-297


Throughput, Traffic Engineering and Load balancing concepts are very important in multi-path adaptive routing algorithm which stresses the need of multi-path adaptive routing algorithm as compared to single path routing algorithm. This paper evaluates the performance of multi-path adaptive routing algorithm in different situations like bottleneck link , traffic splitting among two output links of equal and unequal bandwidth paths at a router. It also presents a case study with the help of simulation that how the performance at the destination node by taking different buffer capacities at the splitting links at multi-path nodes is improved. The simulation results in network simulator(NS-2) conclude how congestion can be reduced by the appropriate size of the buffer at the links.


Routing, multi-path routing, metric, Performance Analysis, Packet Loss Analysis