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Performance Analysis of Encryption Algorithms’ Text Length Size on Web Browsers


Syed Zulkarnain Syed Idrus, Syed Alwee Aljunid, Salina Mohd Asi, Suhizaz Sudin, R. Badlishah Ahmad


Vol. 8  No. 1  pp. 20-25


Information can easily be acquired over the Internet, as we know it today. Some are meant to be visible, while others are considered to be sensitive and meant to be secretive. This however, brings about the basic problem of susceptibility to abuse if mistreated. Thus, the proprietor would want sensitive data to remain sensitive and confidential. In order to do this, the data has to be secured. In this study, the security measure that has been selected is encryption. We have proposed a Web programming language to be analyzed with four Web browsers in term of their performances to process the encryption of the programming language’s script with the Web browsers. Firstly, we introduce one of the encryption techniques that can be applied, which is the eXclusive OR (XOR) operation, and how the text data are converted into hexadecimals. This is followed by conducting tests simulation in order to obtain the best encryption algorithm versus Web browser. The results of the analysis are presented in the form of graphs. We finally conclude on the findings that different algorithms perform differently to different Web browsers. Hence, we now determine which algorithm works best and most compatible with which Web browser.


Data Security, Encryption Method, Encryption Algorithms, Web Browsers, ASP