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Research and Development of 3D Modeling


Xi-Dao Luan, Yu-Xiang Xie, Long Ying, Ling-Da Wu


Vol. 8  No. 1  pp. 49-53


3D modeling is a key technique to much research and applications. In different fields of research and applications, 3D modeling methods of model-data acquisition and modeling have their own specialties. The paper systemically introduces equipments of 3D data acquisition and modeling methods, discusses the characters and developments of laser scanning system and Image-Based Modeling and Rendering (IBMR) in recent years. The paper also introduces applications of 3D modeling including tissue engineering and heritage protection. Finally, several main problems and a few deficiencies are pointed out and further challenges foreseen from three aspects: modeling retrieval, digitizing method, and dynamic modeling.


3D modeling, IBMR, Data Acquisition, Rendering