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Performance Analysis of Hierarchically Advanced Domain Name Service in MIPv6 Networks


Byungjoo Park


Vol. 8  No. 1  pp. 107-114


In the standard Mobile IP (MIP) protocol, packets sent from a correspondent node (CN) to a mobile node (MN) currently away from its home network, have to first be routed to the MN’s home agent and subsequently forwarded to the MN via tunneling. Unfortunately, the procedure suffers from throughput degradation under TCP due to the triangle routing problem, where paths are often significantly longer than optimal. To solve this problem IETF Mobile IP WG has proposed the Route optimization scheme for MIP which allows packets to be routed along an optimal path between a CN and MN. However, the route optimization protocol may require modification to a CN’s software in order to support the control message used to specify an MN’s current location. In this paper, we propose an advanced fast route optimization scheme using the hierarchically advanced Domain Name System together with local mobility management scheme to reduce the signaling delay. The proposed scheme alleviates the triangle routing problem and reduces both the signaling delay to the home network, and the home agent’s processing load.


Mobile IP, Domain Name System, Handover.