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A Transaction Processing Technique in Real-Time Object-Oriented Databases


Woochun Jun


Vol. 8  No. 1  pp. 122-127


In this paper, transaction processing technique is presented for real-time object-oriented databases (RTOODBs). At first, a RTOODB model is proposed. The proposed model is based on imprecise computation and an affected set of attributes so that it can provide trade-off between temporal consistency and logical consistency. Besides temporal consistency, more concurrency is also can be achieved and deadlock due to lock escalation can be reduced. Also, a real-time priority-based conflict resolution scheme is proposed. The proposed scheme has following advantages: It aborts earlier transactions whose deadlines cannot be met. It also avoids chained blocking and deadlock. In additions, if one of lock requester and lock holder must miss its deadline due to conflict access mode, the one with less work done so far is selected as a victim so that system resource is not wasted.


Real-time, object-oriented, transaction processing.