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An Adaptive School Web Site Construction Algorithm Using Association Rules


Jeongmin Lee, Woochun Jun


Vol. 8  No. 1  pp. 196-202


Advances in Web technologies have been changing school environment. Especially, school Web site is now a representative communication tool for teachers, students, and parents, etc. As more people are visiting school Web sites, it is necessary to provide right and up-to-date information by analyzing requirements and characteristics of visitors. In this paper, an adaptive school Web site construction algorithm is designed and implemented. For the proposed algorithm, meaningful behavior patterns are extracted by applying association rule, one of the data mining techniques, to log data. Based on the analyzed behavior patterns, the proposed algorithm is designed to reflect pattern documents on the school Web Site. It is proved that performance of the proposed system is better than that of the existing best algorithm. The proposed algorithm can provide popular information to visitors. Also, the proposed system can provide information associated each other to those visitors. In addition, teachers responsible for Web site management can be relieved from a tedious task such as periodic site update.


Web mining, Adaptive Web