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Advanced Path Control Method for Filtering Secure Method in Sensor Networks


Byung Hee Kim, Tae Ho Cho


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 13-19


In many wireless sensor network applications, sensor nodes that have a limited battery power are deployed in open and unattended environments. Owing to these features, an adversary can compromise the deployed sensor nodes and easily inject fabricated reports into the sensor network through the compromised nodes. This attack not only depletes a limited energy resource but also gives a false alarm for deceiving base station. Recently, filtering-based secure methods have been proposed to protect sensor networks from this type of attack. In these schemes, forwarding nodes verify all event reports to detect and drop a fabricated report. To verify received event reports, sensor nodes consume a significant amount of energy. In this paper, we propose an advance path control method by using a fuzzy system. The proposed method can conserves consumption energy and reduce latency. The sufficient resilience and energy efficiency of the proposed method are shown by the simulation results.


Sensor networks, fabric report, event report, secure method, fuzzy system