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The Mobile Web-Com e-Learning System for Mobile Phones


Susumu Shibusawa, Tatsuhiro Yonekura, Michitoshi Niibori, Munehisa Kamata


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 67-76


Recent growth in network environments has led to a surge in demand for Internet-based e-learning in schools and businesses. To meet this demand, the Web-Com remote education software has been developed with voice and annotation management functions using multiple layers. Meanwhile, with the growing popularity of mobile phones, there is expected to be growth in remote education systems using mobile phones that have superior portability and accessibility. In this study, therefore, Web-Com content for PCs is adapted to design a Mobile Web-Com e-learning system that runs on mobile phones, and this system is tested by running it on simulators and on actual mobile phone equipment. This system operates in a BREW environment, and allows PC Web-Com annotations and voice-over content to be played back on mobile phones.


e-Learning, Mobile Phone, Annotation, Content Transformation, BREW