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Performance Analysis of Dispersion Mobility Model in Mobile AdHoc Networks


D.Rajini Girinath, S.Selvan


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 77-87


In this paper, we present a new mobility model for multi-hop Adhoc networks. We show that group motion occurs frequently in ad hoc networks, and introduce a novel group mobility model ? Dispersion Mobility Model (DMM) - to represent the relationship among mobile hosts. DMM can be readily applied to many existing applications. Moreover, by proper choice of parameters, DMM can be used to model several mobility models which were previously proposed. One of the main themes of this paper is to investigate the impact of the DMM mobility model on the performance of a specific application. We have applied our DMM model to different network transmission scenarios, clustering, time, speed, steady state and routing, and have evaluated network performance under different mobility patterns and for different implementations. We have validated our model with real traces. Numerical and simulation results are presented to validate the analysis. Through extensive simulations on DMM, we demonstrate up to 70% improvement in packet delivery rate.


Dispersion Mobility Model(DMM), MANET, Randomness, Routing, Clustering