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Multiple Interactive Authority Model


M.N.Doja, Dharmender Saini


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 151-154


Electronic Document authorization is a process of making an electronic document legally bind to the rules and regulation of an authorizing enterprise. The electronic document can be authorized with a single entity ?a single person authorizing an electronic document and a group - more than one person is responsible for authorizing an electronic document. An authorizer in the enterprise can have single authority lets say ,power of purchase and can have multiple authority for example power of purchase ,power of sell etc. Whereas multiple interactive authorities means when in an electronic deal both sender and receiver uses multiple authorities instead of single authority. The interaction means the authorities from both sides are used in a single deal. This paper presents a multiple interactive authority model and multiple authority representation in XML and output in XSL.


Multiple Authority Model, Electronic Document, Policy, Interactive authority