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Statistical En-Route Filtering of Fabricated Reports in Ubiquitous Sensor Networks Based on Commutative Cipher


Hae Young Lee, Tae Ho Cho


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 216-221


In ubiquitous sensor networks, sensor nodes are deployed in hostile environment, and thus vulnerable to the fabricated report injection attacks in which attackers inject fabricated reports into networks through compromised nodes to deceive sink nodes or deplete the limited energy resource of forwarding nodes. In this paper, we propose an enhanced version of the commutative cipher-based filtering scheme (CCEF), which strengthens the detection power of CCEF by combining CCEF and the statistical en-route filtering scheme (SEF). Every report is verified by intermediate nodes with a certain probability in the fashion of both schemes. Such combined approach can provide early detection of fabricated reports, which results in energy-efficiency against the massive fabricated report injection attacks. The effective of the proposed scheme is shown with the simulation results at the end of the paper.


Ubiquitous sensor networks, fabricated report injection attacks, fabricated report filtering, commutative cipher, security