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Overview and Comparison of Methods for Minimizing HandOff Latency in Mobile IP


Md. Mohiuddin Khan, Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuyan, Fiash Kiswar, A. S. M. Ashique Mahmood


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 240-243


In this paper we discuss about Mobile IP and the proposed handoff schemes, their pros and cons and some areas where they can be improved. The reasons for handoff latency are examined and the schemes are discussed by their genres. We observe that combining different methods results in a better performance. Issues like cross-layer design and context-awareness improve the handoff latency but also bring overhead. We conclude with the proposal that both IP and TCP layers should be considered to minimize handoff and to provide end-to-end QoS.


Handoff, Mobile IP, QoS