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A New Method for Adaptive Broadcast Scheduling in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


S.Madhavi, I.Ramesh Babu


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 300-309


A Mobile AdHoc network is a collection of interconnected computers, which had geographically separated through a large distance. The topology of the Mobile Ad Hoc network changes dynamically. The initial slot assignments may cause interferences among the nodes while transmitting. When the new link detects / removes, the initial slot assignment had computed again. Many heuristics methods are proposed to improve the channel efficiency. In this paper, we propose an adaptive distributed broadcast scheduling for spatial time division multiple accesses in mobile ad hoc networks that computes the slot assignments according to the changes in the topology. This new method obtains a Minimal frame length and finds the maximum node transmissions. Results show that this method improves the guaranteed throughput and outperforms an improvement over others.


Carrier Sense Multiple Access, Time Division Multiple Access, Frequency Division Multiple Access, Code Division Multiple Access, New Adaptive Broadcast Scheduling