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Measurement and Characterization of Network Traffic Utilization between Real Network and Simulation Modeling in Heterogeneous Environment


Mohd Nazri Ismail, Abdullah Mohd Zin


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 326-337


We present a novel approach for the measurement and estimation of network traffic utilization between network nodes in heterogeneous environment. This research investigates performance evaluation of network interface port on heterogeneous services and technologies environment. We propose an enhanced equation to evaluate the performance of network interface port via Little Law and Queuing theories to improve the evaluation algorithm. To get accuracy results on the performance of simulation model, we measure (verify and validate) data from lab experiment and real network environment. We use network management tool to capture those data and Fluke Optiview device to generate traffic. As a result, this simulation model can provide a good approximation of the real traffic observed in the real network environment. Through laboratory and field experiments, it shows that the model via simulation is capable of approximating the performance of network utilization and traffic over heterogeneous services and techniques within a minimum error range.


Measurement, Characterization, Network Traffic, Heterogeneous Environment