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Task allocation in Distributed computing VS distributed database systems:A Comparative study


Suchita Upadhyaya, Suman Lata


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 338-346


Task allocation in Distributed computing systems (DCS) is an important research problem . When resource to be shared in DCS is a database that system is classified as Distributed database system(DDBS) . In DDBS systems Data & operation allocation are both closely interrelated & highly dependent on each other. Here it is represented along with model of allocation and development of such a model in general .DCS & DDBS are compared in this paper with reference to task allocation Models , Algorithms, Issues and Tools . General models and objective function explained in this paper can be treated as basic platform for research in this area of task allocation. Major issues in DCS have been explored by research in this area so far, while in DDBS the main issues are high lighted in this paper. The characteristics of DDBS like distributed data, distributed operations from query tree and result file are mentioned as tools to be taken in this field of research. An objective function can be derived by modifying the terms present in general model ,which inturn depend on characteristics of the system concerned ex. Distributed computing system ,distributed database system ,parallel system & multiprocessors etc.


Distributed computing systems, Task allocation issues ,Task preference, Task exclusion, Distributed database systems, data & operation allocation, task allocation model, Data fragmentation, data replication, Task allocation tools ,task allocation algorith