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Prediction of Ku Band Rain Attenuation Using Experimental Data and Simulations for Hassan, India


Sarat Kumar K, Vijaya Bhaskara Rao S, D Narayana Rao


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 10-15


In this paper, the results of rain attenuation experiment conducted at Master Control Facility, Hassan, India (13.07P0 PN, 76.08P0 PE) at a downlink operating frequency of 11.544 GHz in Ku-band was presented and the measurements are compared with several rain attenuation models. Also, typical frequencies in Ku bands which are in operation for different applications in India were chosen for obtaining the expected rain attenuation statistics using simulations and results are compared with ITU-R, Excell, Karasawa, Leitao-Watson and DAH models. The data collection period is from August-November 2004.


Rain Attenuation, Ku band, Prediction Models, Satellite Communications