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Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy Routing Algorithms for a New Fuzzy Mixed Metric Approach


Shuchita Upadhayay, Mini Sharma


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 21-28


Optimizing routing decisions has been an important subject in research of communication networks. The present paper is introducing a new fuzzy mixed metric approach, which takes routing decisions based on fuzzy costs in parallel to crisp cost of other metrics. The present paper evaluates the new fuzzy approach for its performance. The paper first describes the new fuzzy approach and the fuzzy routing algorithms developed for the approach and then the performance is evaluated both in empirical and analytical terms to show its advantages over the previous fuzzy approaches and traditional link-state routing approach. The paper analyzes the performance for different cases to show the efficacy of load on delay. The present paper bargains with three such cases. Therefore, to achieve the above objectives the performance evaluation is done using a sample distributed network, to analyze it comprehensively.


Fuzzy logic, mixed metric, packet-switched networks, fuzzy routing algorithms, performance evaluation