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P-LeaSel for GRID Environment


Mary Vennila S, Sankaranarayanan V


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 55-65


Multicast services, grid computing and wireless interconnection networks are among the emerging technologies of the last decade. Incorporating security features in multicast communications gives rise to overheads and computational complexities at the server. Designing an efficient model for secure multicast is a challenging area for the researchers. Grid environment in today’s world is a boon for high speed computing, but at the same time, security and anonymity are important features in grid. In this paper, P-LeaSel algorithm has been modified to provide secure multicast communications in Grid environment. The experimental results prove that this approach is really effective and has increased throughput with minimum additional complexity and minimum overheads. Kerberos is used for authentication.


Grid Computing, P-LeaSel, Kerberos and Multicast Network Security