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A new Technique using Signal Correlation of One Node B to Estimate Mobile Location


Keeratpal Singh, Mahamod Ismail, Kasmiran Jumari


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 133-139


In Universal Intelligent Positioning System (UIPS) project, Location Determining Techniques were developed to estimate mobile user’s location (position) in 2G, 3G and beyond networks. Timing techniques were developed to improve accuracy of estimating mobile user’s location when measurements (such as time differences of arrival) are available from 2 and more than 2 Node B (base station). In this extension of study, a technique called Signal Correlation Method (SCM), based on Artificial Neural Network is introduced when measurements are only available from one serving Node B. Received signals collected during drive test (survey) are stored in UIPS servers. Mobile user’s current receive signal is compared to the stored signals to estimate user’s location. Technique to match stored received signals from many base stations’ (cells) to current user’s received signals is referred to as fingerprinting technique. However, SCM technique only uses one Node B’s signal measurement for location estimation and produces simulation results that meet FCC E-911 location accuracy requirements for network based positioning.


Location Determining Techniques, Positioning in UMTS, Location Based Services, Neural Network