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A Threshold Determining Method for the Dynamic Filtering in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Fuzzy Logic


Sang Jin Lee, Hae Young Lee, Tae Ho Cho


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 155-159


In sensor networks, nodes can be easily compromised by an adversary because of hostile environments. An adversary may use compromised nodes to inject false reports into the network. The dynamic en-route scheme for filtering false data injection can detect and drop such false reports during the forwarding phase. In this scheme, choosing a threshold value is important, as it trades off between security power and energy consumption. Thus, we should choose the threshold value such that it provides sufficient resilience, yet be small enough to conserve energy. This paper presents a fuzzy-based threshold determining method for the dynamic en-route scheme for filtering false data injection in wireless sensor networks. The base station periodically determines a threshold value with a fuzzy rule-based system. The number of cluster nodes, the value of the key dissemination limit, and the distance from the base station to each cluster are used to determine the threshold value. The resilience and energy efficiency of the proposed method against false data injection attacks are shown by the simulation results.


sensor networks, false reports, en-route filtering, false data injection attack, fuzzy logic, security