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Web based Management System of a Remote Mobile Device using Device Management Protocol


Hyun-Ki Ryu, Sung-Rae Cho, Piao Shiquan, Jong-Wuk Son, Woo-Young Jung


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 242-249


This paper is to propose and implement a remote phone management system based on the open mobile alliance (OMA) SyncML device management (DM) protocol. The proposed remote phone management system consists of DM Client module, DM Server module and remote phone device management (RPDM) server/client module. Implemented DM client module is suitable to an open platform like Symbian S60. In order to minimize the porting work, a platform adaptation layer (PAL) between basic software and DM engine is designed for DM client. The DM server is consisted of server part, data part and HTTP interface part. It mainly treats the DM protocol and the request of the web admin and the DM client. The RPDM server/client module is deigned to provide a remote management environment based on the web interface. The concerned module functions and interfaces are examined by the SyncML conformance test suite (SCTS) for DM protocol provided by OMA to evaluate whether a normal operation is performed or not. It also showed the controlling method of the mobile devices under the new mobile environment by utilizing the system of RPDM and applying the verified interface.


mobile device, open mobile alliance, device management, SyncML, open platform