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A Stury on Election of Personnel, Based on Performance Measurement by using Analytic Network Process (ANP)


Semra Boran, Kerim G?ZTEPE, Elif YAVUZ


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 333-340


One of the most important problem in the organization is selecting the best fitting candidate for the empty positions. Selecting the wrong candidate effects the performance of organization and competitive power. Selection of the candidates depends on their performances. There are too many methods to measure the performances of personnel. One of the weaknesses of these traditional methods is that not considering the relationship between the criterias which are used for evaluation. However, there are relationship and interactions between these criteria. In this study, Analytical Network Process (ANP) method which can be used for selecting the best fitting candidate will be discussed. Moreover, application example is given. This method evaluates relationship between criteria and relationship between criteria and candidates.


Selection Criteria, Analytical Network Process, Performance Measurement