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Doppler Algorithm for Modeling Sea Surface Current from RADARSAT-1 SAR Images


Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 17-22


This work introduces a new approach for modeling sea surface current from microwave satellite RADARSAT-1 SAR images. The Doppler shift frequency model was modified by using robust model. The modified Doppler shift frequency model was experienced on the RADARSAT-1 SAR data of two different modes (Wide-3 and Standard 2). The results of the study were validated using real time ocean current measurements by using AWAC equipment. It is interesting to find that the Doppler shift frequency affected the pattern of current variations in the SAR images. The statically analysis showed that there was a high correlation between real ocean current measurements and ones was simulated from SAR images.


SAR, Doppler shift frequency model, Robust model, Surface current