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Effective Variations on Opened GIF Format Images


Hamza A. Ali, Bashar M. Ne’ma


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 70-75


The CompuServe GIF format and the LZW compression method used to compress image data in this format is investigated in this paper. Because of its better compression and greater color depth, JPEG has generally replaced GIF for photographic images. Thorough study and discussion on GIF format images is carried out in details in this work. Although, opening the header of GIF format images is difficult to achieve, we opened this format and studied all acceptable variations which may be have influence on the viewing of any GIF format images. To get appropriate results, all practical is carried out via both Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and concepts of software engineering tools.


GIF format, Image Header, Image processing, LZW, Compression, Software Engineering Tools, and Security