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Spectral Efficiency Evaluation of Downlink Mobile Multi-hop Relay Systems Employing Macro Diversity Handover Technique


Jamil Sultan, M. Ismail, N. Misran, K. Jumari


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 122-129


IEEE 802.16j is an amendment to the IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless access standard to enable the operation of multi-hop relay stations (RS). It aims to enhance the coverage, per user throughput and system capacity of IEEE 802.16e. There are three handover techniques supported within the IEEE 802.16e and IEEE 802.16j ? Hard Handover (HHO), Fast Base Station Switching (FBSS) and Macro Diversity Handover (MDHO). This paper presents evaluations and comparisons over the performance of these handover techniques. The effect of the mobile station speed on the handover techniques’ performance is also studied. The performance metric is the overall average downlink spectral efficiency which depends on the downlink carrier to interference and noise ratio (CINR). Results show that MDHO outperforms FBSS and HHO. Furthermore, as the MS speed increases, the FBSS is slightly better than HHO.


Handover, Spectral Efficiency, Multi-hop relay, IEEE 802.16e, IEEE 802.16j