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A novel approach towards realizing optimum data transfer and Automatic Variable Key(AVK) in cryptography


P. Chakrabarti, B Bhuyan, A.Chowdhuri, C.T.Bhunia


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 241-250


High Level Information security needs research and Investigation due to increasing security threats & attacks with increasing volume of Information traffic. In literature huge studies are made but all with a fixed secret key, but variable encryption scheme and key transport protocol. Hardly any research has attempted to address the issue of time variant key, where the secret key will vary from session to session. Shannon documented the theory of perfect secrecy with time variant key. An idea of time variant key in name of Automatic Variable Key has been recently introduced [3-5]. This paper deals with the efficient transmission of data from source to destination dynamically based on optimum path selection in certain distributed models[6]. The concept behind this security enhancement is that a shared secret key is agreed upon for a session. In order to solve key distribution problem, use of quantum channel[7] for sending information about key is being explored. A single photon can represent a bit 0 or 1. The phase or state of polarization of the photon may be used for identifying the 0 or 1. In this paper it has been shown that security enhancement through quantum channels can be ensured by varying the key, that is, changing the phase using non-orthogonal measurement bases It has also been shown how AVK can be applied in Vernum Cipher. This paper also points out application of AVK (Automatic Variable Key) in curves[8,9], AES[10] , RSA[11,12] , diffusion and message digest [13]and it is shown that it increases security level during transmission.


optimum path selection, automatic variable key, quantum cryptography, AES, RSA, diffusion, message digest