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New Compression Algorithms for Image in Modern Communication Networks and Data storage systems


P.Nageswara rao, I.Ramesh babu, K. Gouthami


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 272-278


This study represents an exploration of the advantages of compression of data for storage and transmission. The study traces the development of communication networks in terms of their diversity of applications that we feel in our daily lives. Simulation is an important tool for modeling a network to determine its performance characteristics. The study discusses the distinguishing features of these algorithms in terms of their applications. The study outlines the components of the simulation topology, i.e., nodes, links and arcs and simulation methodology pertaining to link utilization, WAN cloud, and message sources as a backdrop to simulation of data transmission. Simulation is done on, image, MPEG-1 over five bandwidth percentages.


compression, MPEG-1, Link utilization, channel utilization, Image