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On a Class of Multistage Interconnection Network in Parallel Processing


Sandeep Sharma, P.K.Bansal, Karanjit Singh Kahlon


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 287-291


Parallel processing is an efficient form of information processing system, which emphasizes the exploitation of concurrent events in the computing process. To achieve parallel processing it’s required to develop more capable and cost-effective systems. In order to operate more efficiently a network is required to provide low latency and be able to handle large amount of traffic. Multistage Interconnection Network [1] plays a vital role on the performance of these multiprocessor systems. This paper introduces an irregular class of fault tolerant Multistage Interconnection Network (MINs) named as New Four Tree (NFT) Network. A NFT network can provide a “full access” capacity in presence of multiple faults. Performance measures show that NFT achieve a significant improvement over other popular existing irregular MINs like FT [7] [20], QT [19] and MFT [20].


Interconnection networks, A New Fault Tolerant multistage, Four Tree Network, Multistage Interconnection Network, Dynamic MINs, Modified Four Tree Network, permutation passable