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Bizarre Approaches For Multimodal Biometrics


Aloysius George


Vol. 8  No. 7  pp. 64-69


Establishing the identity of a person is becoming critical in our vastly interconnected society. Most biometric systems deployed in real-world applications are unimodal. i.e., they rely on the evidence of a single source of information. These limitations are addressed by multimodal biometric verification system as explained in this paper. We have selected. A multi-modal biometric system generally means the multiple biometrics system. We have chosen existing methodologies like Facial and Finger Print verification modals, ANN to be combined for verification. As a result, the performance of the proposed approach outperforms that of a single modal by about four times. Based on experimental results, the proposed system can reduce FAR down to 0.000111%, which proves that the proposed method overcomes the limitation of single biometric system and proves stable personal verification in real-time.


Multimodal, Biometric System, Face Recognition, Locality, Verification.