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Analysis and implementation of custom cipher algorithm for IPsec under Linux OS


Mladen Veinovi?, Aleksandar Jevremovi?, Goran ?imi?


Vol. 8  No. 7  pp. 80-86


This paper deals with the issue of the protection of public network communications by using IPsec implementation in Linux kernel. Complete description of custom cipher algorithm implementation method is given. Paper also contains experiment description with results. In the existing literature there are numerous designs based on public ciphers depending on the specific product. It is known that professional security systems require their own design, cipher and complete control over cryptographic keys. Due to the complexity of lower level protocols and kernel modification, the most frequently implemented solutions are those of application level. The advantages of implementation level (IP) used in this work - better performance, higher level stability and end users relaxation - are presented in paper. It is very important to point out that the focus of this paper is not better performance achievement, but finding the adequate basis for application of one’s own (custom) algorithm.


Custom cipher algorithm, IPsec, Linux kernel, network security.