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Smart Antenna Algorithms for WCDMA Mobile Communication Systems


Ch. Santhi rani, P.V Subbaiah, K. Chennakesava reddy


Vol. 8  No. 7  pp. 182-186


The goal of 3rd generation systems is to integrate a wide variety of communication services such as high speed data, video and multimedia traffic as well as voice signals. WCDMA as the radio access technology for the 3G has many advantages such as highly efficient spectrum utilization and variable user data rates. Smart antenna technologies are very important for the system implementation. Smart Antennas serve different users by radiating narrow beams. The same frequency can be reused even if the users are in the same cell or the users are well separated. Thus the capacity of the system is increased by implementing this additional intra cell reuse. This paper discusses algorithms developed for smart antenna applications to WCDMA. The Direct Matrix Inversion Algorithm and RLS algorithms are the two adaptive beam forming algorithms used in smart antennas. Simulation results show that convergence is faster in the RLS algorithm than in the DMI algorithm.


Wide band CDMA, Direct Matrix Inversion (DMI), Recursive Least Squares (RLS), Adaptive beam forming, smart antenna.