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Schemes for Evaluating Signal Processing Properties of Audio Watermarking


T.C Thanuja, R.Nagaraj


Vol. 8  No. 7  pp. 242-246


Watermarking audio files has recently become the focus of much attention. This is primarily due to faster data transmission rates on the Internet, which has allowed illegal usage of digital audio files. Watermarking may give recording companies the ability to enforce copyright protection of their products. The requirements of watermarking audio lie in preserving the file quality (imperceptibility) and remain intact after a number of file damaging operations (robustness). The main challenge in digital audio watermarking is to achieve the right tradeoff between the mutually exclusive goals of robustness and high watermark data rate. This paper gives a performance evaluation of popular audio watermarking schemes in prevalence today. A system simulation of selected schemes has been performed in MAT LAB.


Intellectual property, audio watermarking, digital rights management.