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Reconfigurable Wireless Interface for Networking Sensors


D.Saravanan, B.Kumaragurubaran


Vol. 8  No. 7  pp. 270-276


Remote Monitor & Control systems are increasingly being used in security, transportation, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, biomedical, chemical engineering, etc. In this paper, attempt is to develop a solution of wireless monitoring and control for such industrial scenarios. The solution is built on two components ? a generic wireless interface for remote data collection/ actuation units and control architecture at the central control unit (CCU) for smart data processing. The data collection/actuation unit (sensors / actuators) is intelligent by virtue of smart reconfigurable- microcontroller based wireless interface, which is reconfigurable using Over-the-Air (OTA) paradigm. The RF link is also reconfigurable to accommodate a variety of RF modules (Bluetooth, 802.11 or RFID) providing plug-n-play capability. These capabilities make the interface flexible and generic. The control architecture supports services such as naming, localization etc., and is based on JavaBeans, which allows a component level description of the system to be maintained, providing flexibility for implementing complex systems.


Wireless, Sensor, Network