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Performance Optimization of Transmission Control Protocol in Heterogeneous Wireless Network during Mobility


Muhammad Saeed Akbar, Syed Zubair Ahmed, Muhammad Abdul Qadir


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 70-80


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) has shown serious performance limitations on wireless media. The main causes of these limitations have their root in mobility and link characteristics of wireless media. Heterogeneous environment of multiple radio-access technologies generally increases handover frequency, causing adverse impact on TCP flow and congestion control operations. In this paper, we have provisioned handover state management mechanism by adding new states in TCP control operations. Performance optimization has been achieved by adding adaptive flow control, based on mobility events and by reconfiguration of TCP control parameters according to their criticality and impact on performance parameters. Proposed component also contains functionality of end-to-end Handover-state Identification and Adaptation Mechanism (HIAM), which takes care of both sender and receiver mobility events. The results show that optimization achieved through proposed scheme provides 10.26% to 53.55% improvement in throughput over other TCP variants. Similarly, proposed scheme also improves end-to-end delay for each packet from 15.23 % to 35.05%.


Congestion control, mobile TCP sessions, Handoff-delay absorption, Wireless-loss absorption, Explicit Congestion Notification