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An Efficient DAD Scheme for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Handoff


P. Harini, O.B.V.Ramanaiah


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 182-189


Since the interruption between receiving new AR’s RA and receiving BA from HA is depending upon DAD (Duplicate Address Detection), Mobile Node’s handoff performance is very much impaired by the Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) procedure for the newly formed Care-of Address in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6). In this paper, we recommend a novel cross-protocol design approach for the DAD problem. It uses information from current routing protocol traffic. This utilizes Passive Duplicate Address Detection (PDAD) to identify duplicate addresses. Using PDAD, a node examines incoming routing protocol packets to develop hints about address controversies. Since it is independent of the routing protocol, it produces nearly no protocol overhead and reduces initial delay. By simulation results, we show that, the handoff delay and packet loss are reduced in case of PDAD based handoff, when compared with the standard DAD based handoff.


Duplicate Address Detection, Mobile IP, Handoff, HMIPv6, Packet loss, CAN