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Intellectual Property Protection System for a Workstation using Policy based Watermarking Scheme


Yuseung Son, Seunglim Yong, Miguel Fernandes


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 201-206


In this paper, we introduce an intellectual property protection system for a workstation using watermarking system. The proposed system is designed for a networked intelligent manufacturing system(IMS) that uses virtual reality technology for design review, simulation and virtual manufacturing. The intelligent manufacturing environment must provide not only innovative approaches to generate and work with 3D data, but also scheme to protect them. A watermark is embedded into 3D data according to the predefined security policies. It can trace the last user of data and a user is also able to prove his/her ownership with it. The proposed system is realized using Windows file system filter driver and a Win32 system service. It works transparently to users or applications, that is, it does not affect workflow of users or applications.


Intellectual property protection, 3D watermarking, file system filter driver, user tracing