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Optimal Test Mirroring (OTM)


N.Rajkumar, S.N.Sivanandam, J. Stanly Thomas


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 300-305


One way of strengthen security system in radar system is to encrypt sensitive records and messages in transit and in storage [1]. Many algorithms roaming for cryptography in secured world. However, administrator may suffer because of delay in data deciphering. While closely watches this delay we found security path and poor database mining are the two primary reasons for the delay. Therefore, we proposed the new algorithm that dealt with highly protective and healthy data sharing. For this, we used Data mining Association Rule with distributive procedure to normalize a data and database[3]. This algorithm plays with three vital rolls such as instant data capturing, data mirroring to maintain security levels and storing of data logs in different location for process in next cycle. This algorithm tests with 1, 00,000 data that completes an entire process with 1.27 Milliseconds. This approach entirely overcomes the delay in Data Detect Algorithm (DDA).


Data Mining, Association Rules, optimal test mirroring, cryptography