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A Network Protocol Stack Based Radiation Sensor Network For Emergency System


Yuwang Yang, Yutao Ju, Hengxin Xia, Wei Zhao, Ya Zhen


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 312-318


This article mainly designs a network protocol stack and network detection system for humanitarianism succor under radiation emergency conditions. The network protocol stack is based on the link and physical layers of IEEE 802.15.4 standard, and composed mainly of a hybrid multi-channel MAC protocol with virtual mechanism and power control mechanism and a routing protocol with ad hoc on-demand distance vector for micro sensor network. The radiation detection system consists of sensing nodes with γ detector and GPS localization function, the relay and gateway node s with long communication distance, and the information treatment center for further radiation analysis. The performance of the protocol stack is tested and compared with zigbee implementation. The information transmission is tested by sensor network for the radiation detection system. Experiments show that the protocol stack design is suitable to be applied in the wireless sensor networks and the radiation detection network is valuable for radiation emergency system of humanitarian succor.


radiation emergency system, sensor network, routing protocol, MAC protocol