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Simulation of Automatic Behavior Generation of Artificial Fish Using Elasticity Momentum


H.B.Bahar, S_Mehri


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 319-325


Artificial Fish is a kind of digital creature which is changed to automatic agent in the interactive media like a computer animation, computer game and … . Much model-based animation is based on physical principles since these are what give rise to what people recognized as 'realistic' motion. The objects real time rendered in the 3D cyber space can interact with each others according to the events which are happened when satisfying some conditions. But, to representing the behaviors with these interactions, too many event conditions are considered . It leads to problems which increase the system complexity. Kim , Jeong and Kang[1] try to physical method based on elasticity force for representing more realistic behaviors of AI fish and present a new method can create the various behavior patterns responding to one evasion event. This method can decrease the system complexity.[1]We tried to simulate this physical method with ( Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) that is one of the best programming languages to manufacturing graphic programs, practical, multimedia ,network ,webpages ,games ,… with build the GUI environment. In this simulations we show that this method can creat the various behavior patterns responding to one evasion event.This dependened the mass , accelerate of prey and K of virtual spring between prey and predator when they appreciate.


Virtual Space, Artificial Fish, Elasticity, Sensory System, Simulation