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ANGULAR DISPLACEMENT SCHEME (ADS): Providing Reliable Geocast Transmission for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs)


Olufade, F. W. ONIFADE, Adebola, K. OJO, Oyindamola, O. AKANDE


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 334-339


In wireless ad hoc environments, two approaches can be used for multicasting: multicast flooding or multicast tree-based approach. Existing multicast protocols mainly based on the latter approach, may not work properly in mobile ad hoc networks as dynamic movement of group members can cause the frequent tree reconfiguration with excessive channel overhead and resulting into loss of datagram. Since the task of keeping the tree structure up-to-date in the multicast tree-based approach is nontrivial, sometimes, multicast flooding is considered as an alternative approach for multicasting in MANET. The scheme presented in this research attempts to reduce the forwarding space for multicast packets beyond earlier presented scheme and also examine the effect of our improvements upon control packet overhead, data packet delivery ratio, and end-to-end delay by further reduction in the number of nodes that rebroadcasts multicast packets while still maintaining a high degree of accuracy of delivered packets. The simulated result was carried out with OMNeT++ to present the comparative analysis on the performance of angular scheme with flooding and LAR box scheme. Our result showed a better improvement compared to flooding and LAR box schemes.


Angular Schemes, Forwarding Zones, Multicast Packets, Flooding, Request Zone and Multicast Region