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Solidring: A Novel Bluetooth Scatternet Structure


Bo Huang, Syahrulanuar Ngah, Hui Zhu, Takaaki Baba


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 93-103


Designed as a short-range wireless communication technology, Bluetooth enables voice and data communication between devices. A Bluetooth scatternet enables more devices to be included and covers a larger area. A number of scatternet structures have been designed, taking into consideration easy initialization, simple routing or lower energy consumption, etc. However, another important factor, that of time delay has been ignored until now. In this paper, we propose a new scatternet structure, called the Solidring, and a routing algorithm to achieve a lower time delay. In the Solidring, more routes exist between devices and these routes are shorter on average than those in other structures. In addition, the routing algorithm avoids crossing devices as much as possible. These characteristics help to reduce the time delay. Simulation results show that the Solidring can provide a significantly lower time delay.


Bluetooth, scatternet structure, Solidring, time delay.