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Implementation of Complex Fuzzy Logic Modules with VLSI Approach


A.Y.Deshmukh, A.B.Bavaskar, P.R.Bajaj, A.G.Keskar


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 172-178


The hybrid intelligent systems are gaining popularity due to extensive success of these systems in many real world complex problems. In this paper, the implementation of the complex fuzzy logic modules have been undertaken with VLSI design approach. Complex fuzzy logic is a generalization of traditional fuzzy logic based on complex fuzzy sets. The general scheme of Complex Fuzzy Logic Systems(CFLS) is also discussed here. The various stages of computation of fuzzy inferences is discussed alongwith their implementation. The design of various modules of a complex fuzzy processor like Intersection detector module, Execution module, Rule detection module, Defuzzification module have been carried out and the results are evaluated with logic analyser.


Complex Fuzzy logic, CFLS, Fuzzy Inference, VLSI