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Design and Development of Protective Module for the Transmission of Data Using a PLUG-IN Program


Seung Ju Jang


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 185-189


This paper provides a client environment in which web pages can be used safely through document securing function among Internet web browser (Netscape Communicator or Netscape Navigator) functions. Transmission of cryptographic web data is performed by using the protective module. One characteristic of the present protective module is that it has an advantage of providing the web cryptographic function in an exclusive environment regardless whether the security environment is used in terms of software or in terms of hardware. Generally, a serious requiring of security environment is the case in which Intranet is implemented. In such Intranet environment, it is possible to provide an exclusive cryptographic function if the protective function proposed in the present paper is used. It is also advantageous in that the protective function can be used conveniently even in a general Internet environment. In order to satisfy security in the Internet environment, both the server and client should have protective modules in the present paper.


plug-in, transmission