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Organizing the Semantics of Text with the Concept Relational Tree


Ungku Azmi Ungku Chulan, Nasir Sulaiman, Ramlan Mahmod, Hasan Selamat, Jamaliah Abdul Hamid


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 236-249


In this paper, a new model of representing semantics called the concept relational tree model is proposed. The model adapts the architecture of expression tree in providing a hierarchical organization to semantics. It is motivated by an approach known as the discourse structure tree that organizes semantics based on preposition and relies on rhetorical relations to define the connection between the prepositions. Comparatively, the concept relational tree uses concept and relation as its organizational unit instead. This allows the semantics of text to be defined at a finer level, which consequently enables a more flexible way of controlling the structure of semantics.


Semantics, Parsing, Relation Extraction