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Agents System and Its Suitability for Distributed Applications:- A Practical Approach


U. P. Kulkarni, P.D.Desai., J.V.Vadavi, A.R.Yardi


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 256-264


Agent systems offer significant advantages for modeling complex adaptive systems. However, they are not the solution to all complex problems. It is important to note the strengths, weaknesses and implementation issues related to agent based systems. With the advent of the Internet era and advancement of technology, the scope and the feasibility of mobile entities (code) have increased dramatically. As mobility can be deployed in many applications including e-commerce, the interest in this area of research has intensified. Over the past decade, data mining has gained an important role in analysis of large datasets and there by understanding the complex systems in almost all areas. Such datasets are often collected in a geographically distributed way, and cannot, in practice, be gathered in to single repository. Existing data mining methods for distributed data are of communication intensive. Many algorithms for data mining have been proposed for a data at a single location and some at multiple locations with improvement in terms of efficiency of algorithms as a part of quality but effectiveness of these algorithms in real time distributed environment are not addressed, as data on the web/network are distributed by very of its nature. As a consequence, both new architectures and new algorithms are needed. Our aim in this article are to state when and where exactly the mobile agents system can potentially play a significant role in complex distributed-systems by stating few quantitative measurements of the value of mobility and emphasize the distributed application focusing on distributed data mining.


Agent, Data mining, Software Agent, Mobility.