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Key Generation in the Light of Mining and Fuzzy Rule


P. Chakrabarti MIEEE , A. Choudhary, N. Naik, C.T.Bhunia SMIEEE


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 332-337


Information security plays a major role in case of secured data transmission . In this paper some intelligent techniques have been pointed out regarding shared key generation. In case of multiparty communication the concept of shared key is essential that therein the security level is increased, as the entire key is not transmitted. Various proposed techniques have been cited based on minimal frequent set, candidate generation, partition scheme, intersection of item-set count. The paper also deals with the efficient generation of shared keys required for direct communication among co-processors without active participation of server. Hence minimization of time-complexity , proper utilization of resource as well as environment for parallel computing can be achieved with higher throughput in secured fashion. The techniques involved are cryptic methods based on feature analysis centroid analysis, inter-centroid distance , extraction scheme of vowel , index position of character , support analysis and confidence rule. We have also proposed several schemes for key evaluation based on theory of central tendencies and curves without transmission of the entire key through the channel thereby making the hacker confused regarding the value of the shared key.


Shared key, minimum frequent set, candidate generation, partition scheme, item-set count, central tendencies, curves.