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Introducing Secured Node Registration and Supervised P2P File Sharing in Advanced Collaborating Environment


Mohammad Rezwanul Huq, Ali Ashik Khan, Rezwanur Rahman, Tamkin Khan Avi


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 375-381


A major challenge in a collaborative environment is to device an efficient file sharing and adaptation mechanism. Through this, the users at different nodes can achieve the highest degree of collaboration. Some authors have already proposed file sharing and adaptation framework. As per their proposed framework, users are allowed to share adapted files among them, invoking their file sharing and adaptation service built on the top of advanced collaborating environment (ACE). For file adaptation, a hybrid approach has been mentioned for adapting files which considers user’s preferences as well as user’s device capabilities. The goal of this adaptation approach is to provide the best possible adaptation scheme and convert the file according to the user’s preferences and device capabilities. In this paper, we propose some new features for file sharing and adaptation framework to have faster and more efficient and meaningful collaboration among users in advanced collaborating environment. We are proposing a Key based registration system as well as an algorithm for Key generation to automate the registration process for slave ACE nodes. We also propose an automated mechanism to distinguish trusted (registered) Slave ACE nodes, which are privileged for p2p file sharing under certain conditions. This approach will completely eliminate the manual intervention in the purposive node selection process. Moreover there would be a network traffic monitoring process which will radically reduce the network overhead to the master ACE node and introduce faster network collaboration in a distributive manner. Consequently, the approach leads towards better collaboration among the users of ACE.


P2P File Sharing, Node Registration, Authentication, Collaboration.