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Symptom Catalog: A SteSymptom Step towards Building a Self Healable Autonomic System


U. P. Kulkarni, J.V.Vadavi, M.M.Math, A.R.Yardi


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 407-412


With an increase in complexity of businesses and business organizations, the need to maintain and monitor various real time applications is also growing. Autonomic Computing presents with an approach to build systems with a power to sustain and optimize themselves in a way as to provide a stable working environment. Such an environment can be defined in terms of self sustaining features of autonomic computing: self Configuring, self Healing, self Optimizing and self Protecting. In this paper authors present a method of implementing the self healing mechanism into a system which can take appropriate measures to work within a boundary as defined by the administrator. This system can monitor applications and execute appropriate actions to keep them in a stable state. However, the focus of this paper is to present a user friendly way of defining boundaries for the working of the applications. This is achieved by allowing the administrator to create and maintain rules and policies for the working of applications.


Autonomic System, Self Healing, Log, Catalog.