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An Efficient Route Discovery Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Ch. Balaswamy, K.Soundararajan


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 25-32


Many Energy Efficient routing protocols and Energy saving protocols for ad hoc networks have been proposed to date. The ‘life time of the network’ has become important criterion. Many protocols are proposed for effective routing based on remaining energy. At the same time many protocols are proposed for saving energy at the nodes which maximizes the network life time. One of such recently proposed energy saving protocol is Energy Saving Dynamic Source Routing (ESDSR). ESDSR mostly concentrates on increasing network life time by integrating the advantages of transmission power control approach and load sharing approach. But it does not consider the more likeliness of the node to be exhausted because of number of existed routes through it, in route discovery process. This may result in selecting the route more likely to be exhausted. This contradicts the ‘increment in life time of the network’ and also may affect other existing routes. In this paper we propose a new route discovery mechanism which considers the presence of the node in other routes and its effect on its lifetime. Our proposed protocol ensures route with maximum life time and also maximizes its life span.


Ad hoc network, Energy Efficient, Energy saving, routing protocol