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A Survey on BPL Communications Standards


Joaqu?n Garc?a-Hern?ndez


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 33-41


BPL technology, also known as broadband over power lines communications, uses the electrical power grid as the transmission medium, as well as the most advanced communications technology to provide high speed broadband services such as Internet access, telephony, data, etc., over the low and medium voltage distribution grid. A key issue of this technology is that no new wires need to be installed in the last mile. In addition, using the existing power grid as a transmission medium makes it possible to send and receive data through standard power sockets, and it could also be a cost-effective solution compared to other communications systems because it uses the existing power grid infrastructure. This paper gives a survey of the major standardization organizations, associations and forums related to BPL technology as well as, an analysis of the most relevant standards related to electromagnetic compatibility currently available such as: testing and measuring techniques of electromagnetic immunity and emissions, security and basic environmental testing procedures is given. In addition, the main local area networks and Internet access standards that can be applied to BPL electronic and communications equipment are reviewed.


Broadband over Power Lines Communications, BPL, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electromagnetic Emissions, Electromagnetic Immunity